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This week, PROMO PAC, Missouri’s statewide organization advocating for LGBT equality through the electoral process, endorsed Attorney General Chris Koster for Governor of Missouri. Based on a series of interviews and questions impacting LGBT Missourians, the PROMO PAC carefully chose Attorney General Chris Koster. He has also been a long time supporter of the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act.

One of the interview questions was based on the religious exemption amendment SJR 39 (a proposed constitutional amendment that would have prohibited the state from penalizing religious institutions, clergy, and even private businesses from refusing to provide services for a same-sex couple getting married) that failed in the Missouri legislature this session.

Koster answered, “We need to be sending the message that we are open for business to everyone. As Governor, I will always oppose these anti-equality and anti-business laws [like SJR 39]. I understand that these are sensitive and important issues to Missourians. As Attorney General, my first priority has always been to make sure everyone in this state is treated with fairness, dignity, and respect. I will continue to be a forceful advocate for equality and inclusion in our institutions as Governor.”

In states, like North Carolina, that have passed and signed into law anti-LGBT legislation, they have seen negative effects on their economy within conventions and tourism, as they are seen as an unwelcoming state. The NBA even pulled the All-Star Game from Charlotte because North Carolina’s Governor McCrory did not repeal anti-LGBT HB2 after being urged by the NBA multiple times to do so.

“At a time when we are forced to spend much of our time defeating anti-LGBT actions like SJR 39, it is vital we elect leaders who look to take steps forward to ensure that Missourians — including those who are LGBT — are treated equally, with respect and fairness,” Steph Perkins, Executive Director of PROMO, said. “Attorney General Chris Koster has been a vocal ally of the LGBT community in Missouri. He knows that Missouri is at its best when all people have the opportunity to succeed, we all succeed. We are confident he will continue to value LGBT equality as Governor. Because of that and so many other reasons, Chris Koster gets our vote for Missouri Governor on November 8th.”