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2020 Equality Champions

PROMO PAC names Equality Champions of LGBTQ and ally elected officals in Missouri through ongoing process throughout the entire election cycle. Below are a list of elected officals in Missouri who are true champions for LGBTQ Missourians and look forward to continue to do so.

Missouri Senate Equality Champions

Greg Razer, Senate District 7
Lauren Arthur, Senate District 17

Missouri House of Representatives Equality Champions

Wes Rogers, House District 18
Ashley Bland Manlove, House District 26
Martha Stevens, House District 46
Doug Clemens, House District 72
Raychel Proudie, House District 73
Donna Baringer, House District 82
Ian Mackey, House District 87
Tracy McCreery, House District 88
Trish Gunby, House District 99
Crystal Quade, House District 132

Last updated 8/10/2020

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