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2020 Election Endorsements

PROMO PAC endorsements of LGBTQ and ally candidates in Missouri are ongoing throughout the entire election cycle. If you don’t see your favorite candidate or your home district on this list, check out our 100% pro-equality list for all candidates who completed a perfect score for LGBTQ equality! You can also reach out to your favorite candidate and encourage them to complete the PROMO PAC Candidate Survey if you do not see them listed anywhere. 

PROMO PAC endorsements are based on a number of factors, beginning with candidate responses to the PROMO PAC Candidate Survey.

Don’t know what district you live in? Check here

Missouri Statewide Endorsements

Nicole Galloway, Governor
Yinka Faleti, Secretary of State

Missouri Senate Endorsements

Doug Beck, Senate District 1
Deb Lavender, Senate District 15

Missouri House of Representatives Endorsements

Colby Murphy, House District 10
Ashley Aune, House District 14
Maggie Nurrenbern, House District 15
James Shackelford, House District 16
Adrian Plank, House District 47
Tom Hannegan, House District 65
Barbara Phifer, House District 90
Betsy Fogle, House District 135 
Jeff Munzinger, House District 136


Equality Champions are recognized by the PROMO PAC as elected officials who have been and will continue to be champions for LGBTQ equality in Missouri.

Missouri Senate Equality Champions

Greg Razer, Senate District 7
Lauren Arthur, Senate District 17

Missouri House of Representatives Equality Champions

Wes Rogers, House District 18
Ashley Bland Manlove, House District 26
Martha Stevens, House District 46
Doug Clemens, House District 72
Raychel Proudie, House District 73
Donna Baringer, House District 82
Ian Mackey, House District 87
Tracy McCreery, House District 88
Trish Gunby, House District 99
Crystal Quade, House District 132

Last updated 9/8/2020

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