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Introducing 2016 Missouri Pro Equality Candidates

PROMO PAC,┬áMissouri’s statewide organization advocating for LGBT equality through the electoral process, is proud to roll out their first round of their equality slate. Based on interviews and questions based on this survey, the PROMO PAC board carefully chooses their endorsed candidates. Come out and vote the equality slate on November 8! Don’t know your district? Look it up here.

The PROMO PAC endorsement process is ongoing, and there will be at least one more list of candidates released who are endorsed by PROMO PAC. Keep an eye out for those pro-equality candidates soon!


Chris Koster, Governor of Missouri
Teresa Hensley, Attorney General
Russ Carnahan, Lieutenant Governor
Judy Baker, State Treasurer

Ballot Measure:

Vote No on Amendment 6


Ingrid Burnett, 19
Rep. Randy Dunn, 23
Greg Razer, 25
Martha Stevens, 46
Susan McClintic, 47
Rep. Sue Meredith, 71
Rep. Mary Nichols, 72
Cora Faith Walker, 74
Steve Roberts, 77
Peter Merideth, 80
Rep. Joe Adams, 86
Rep. Stacey Newman, 87
Rep. Tracy McCreery, 88
Rep. Deb Lavender, 90
Rep. Bob Burns, 93
Rep. Vicki Englund, 94
Karen Settlemoir-Berg, 113
Crystal Quade, 132
Angela Dowler Pryor, 134


Sen. Scott Sifton, 1
Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, 5
Sen. Stephen Webber, 19